Immunology Mnemonics of Pathology – Immune System Mnemonics

Immunology Mnemonics of Gastroenteritis
Mnemonic: LESS GERMS
L Listeria
E Escherichia coli
S Staphylococcus aureus
S Salmonella
G Giardia lamblia
E Entamoeba histolytica
R Rotavirus
M Mushrooms
S Shigella


Pathology Mnemonics of Immunology


Pathology Mnemonics of Immunology


Immunology Mnemonics of Malaria
Common early symptoms
Mnemonic: Heard A Mosquito
H Headache
A Anorexia

Immunology Mnemonics of Common later symptoms
Mnemonic: Feel Rather Cold
F Fever (peaks every third day, i.e. tertian)
R Rigors


Mnemonics of Leprosy
Clinical presentation
Mnemonic: LEProsy
L Loss of sensation in affected skin/Loss of function
E Enlargement of affected superficial nerves (tender too)
P Positive identification of M. leprae under microscope


Mnemonics of HIV
Groups at high risk of
developing infection

Mnemonic: HIV
H Homosexuals (note the rising incidence in Heterosexuals
IV IV drug abusers


Osteomyelitis: complications FIBRES:
Intraosseous (broidie) abscesses
Bacteremi/ Brodie abscess
Reactive amyloidosis
Sinus tracts/ Squamous cell CA

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