Gastroenterology Mnemonics of Pathology – Digestive System Mnemonics

Gastroenterology Mnemonics of Colon carcinoma: aeitiology CRAPS:

Chronic ulcerative colitis
Ratio of animal fat:fibre diet
Adenomatous polyps
Familial Polyposis
Strong family history of colon cancer.

Gastroenterology Mnemonics of Abdomen distension
Mnemonic: 6 Fʼs
F Fat
F Fetus
F Flatus
F Faeces
F Fluid
F Flipping great tumour


Gastroenterology Mnemonics of Chronic liver disease
A Asterixis (ʻliver flapʼ)/Ascites/Ankle oedema/Atrophy of testicles
Clubbing/Colour change of nails; white (leuconychia)
D Dupuytrenʼs contracture
E Erythema (palmar)/Encephalopathy
F hepatic Foetor
G Gynaecomastia
Hepato splenomegaly
I Increase in size of parotids

Gastroenterology Mnemonics of Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)
Features of ulcerative colitis
MnemonicULCERS IN Abdomen
U Ulcers (mucosal and submucosal)
L Large intestine (rectum always involved. May extend proximally to involve
entire colon)
C Clubbing
E Extra-intestinal manifestations
R Remnants of old ulcers (pseudopolyps)
S Stools bloody
I Inflamed, red, granular mucosa and sub mucosa
N Neutrophil invasion
Abscesses in crypts


Gastroenterology Mnemonics of Complications of ulcerative colitis
Mnemonic: How To Perform GI Colonoscopy
H Haemorrhage
T Toxic megacolon
P Perforation
G Gallstones
C Colorectal carcinoma (in those with extensive disease for > 10 years)


Morphology and symptoms of Crohnʼs disease
MnemonicCHRIS Has Too Much Diarrhoea and Abdominal pain
C Cobblestone appearance of mucosa
H High temperature

R Reduced lumen/Rose-thorn ulcers
I Intestinal fistulae/Ileo-caecal region commonly involved (40% of cases)
S Skip lesions
H Hyperplasia of mesenteric lymph nodes
T Transmural inflammation (all layers, may ulcerate)
M Malabsorption
D Diarrhoea (watery)
A Abdominal pain

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