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Congenital Disorders Mnemonics of Kawasaki Disease Criteria “Be careful when riding a
Kawasaki motorcycle, you might get 
Conjunctivitis (non-exudative)
Rash (polymorphous non-vesicular)
Edema (or erythema of hands or feet)
Adenopathy (cervical, often unilateral)
Mucosal involvement (erythema or fissures or crusting)
To have Kawasaki disease you must have fever for greater than 5 days plus 4 of
the above.

Pathology Mnemonics of Gastrology



Neurofibromatoses: chromosome mutation locations in von Reckinghausen
(type I) vs. type II
 “von Recklinghausen” has 17 letters
and is due to a mutation on chromosome 17.

Neurofibromatosis type 2” has 22 and is due to a mutation on
chromosome 22.



Congenital Disorders Mnemonics of Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome: symptom triad WASTER:
Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome is:
Recurrent staphlococcal infections


Pathology Mnemonics of Gastrology




Congenital Disorders Mnemonics of Buerger’s disease features “burger SCRAPS“:
Segmenting thrombosing vasculitis
Claudication (intermittent)
Raynaud’s phenomenon
Associated with smoking
Pain, even at rest
Superficial nodular phlebitis

· Alternatively, if hungry for more detail [sic], “CRISP PIG burgers”:
Chronic ulceration
Raynaud’s phenomenon
Intermittent claudication
Segmenting, thrombosing vasculitis
Pain, even at rest
Phlebitis (superficial nodular)


Congenital Disorders Mnemonics of Sarcoidosis summarized SARCOIDOISIS:
Schaumann calcifications
Asteroid bodies/ [ACE] increase/ Anergy
Respiratory complications/ Renal calculi/ Restrictive lung
disease/ Restrictive cardiomyopathy
Calcium increase in serum and urine/ CD4 helper cells
Ocular lesions
Immune mediated noncaseating granulomas/ [Ig] increase
Diabetes insipidus/ [D vit.] increase/ Dyspnea
Skin (Subcutaneous nodules, erythema nodosum)
Interstitial lung fibrosis/ IL-1
Seventh CN palsy



Congenital Disorders Mnemonics of Takayasu’s disease is Pulseless disease “Can’t Tak’a ya
pulse” (Can’t take your pulse):

Takayasu’s disease known as Pulseless disease, since pulse is weakened in the
upper extremities.



Lichen planus characteristics Planus has 4 P’s:


Pathology Mnemonics of Gastrology


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