Anatomy of Spleen – Location, Shape, Structure, Relations & Vasculature

Anatomy of Spleen – General Information, Location, Shape, Structure, Relations & Vasculature || Edulesson

The Anatomy of the spleen is underneath the left part of the diaphragm and has a smooth, convex surface that faces the diaphragm. It is underneath the ninth, tenth, and eleventh ribs. The other side of the spleen is divided by a ridge into two regions: an anterior gastric portion, and a posterior renal portion.

Anatomy of SpleeenGeneral Information, Location, Shape (Thickness, Broadness, Length, Weight), Structure (Hilum, Ends – Anterior and Posterior, Borders – Superior, Intermediate and Inferior, Surfaces – Diaphragmatic & Visceral, Angles – Antero-Basal & Postero-basal), RelationsPeritoneal Relations (Gastro-splenic Ligament, Lieno-Renal Ligament, Pherinco-Colico Ligament, Lino-Phrenic Ligament) & Visceral Relations (Gastric, Renal, Colic & Pancreatic Impression) & Vasculature (Blood Supply, Venous Drainage, Nerve Supply, Lymphatic Drainage)
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